Can a decentralized, digitized and democratized network like Bitcoin only thrive powered by a centralized, analog and inefficient energy infrastructure?
Definitely not.
A brand-new infrastructure is in the making that will include:

Local decentralized energy production, pollution data, electrification data, carbon attributes, digital identity, super nodes, an innovative reward system, Artificial Intelligence and blockchain technology.
DecarbbitcoinLAB is a global event, a global think-tank, a network and a founding member of the Crypto Climate Accord.
The lab is lead by CommunityElectricity.IO, in collaboration with a group of best breed partners.
DecarbbitcoinLAB will co-develop a cost-efficient system to prove how 100% Green Bitcoins can be mined, while decarbonizing Environmental Justice Communities, from the bottom up.

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The race to ‘decarbonize Bitcoin’ accelerates with Decarbbitcoin Labs initiative

Decarbbitcoin Labs is contributing to Environmental Justice Communities in California by showcasing the green potential of Bitcoin mining.